The trash of the rich and the trash of the poor, both are received at Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The landfill known as "Jardim Gramacho" has mountains of trash as tall as 90 meters. It is the biggest landfill in Latin America. Interestingly enough, the word "Jardim" means garden.

Over the years, many people of low resources have moved into the Jardim Gramacho. The landfill eventually closed down and is no longer active. However, the waste, chemicals and trash have all worked their way into the 2 lakes of Gramacho making the water unclean and unhealthy to drink. Many resident have had no choice, but to use the local water to cook and drink. As a result, we have witnessed many skin blemishes and disease.

We have partnered with Sos Brazil Kids in Brazil to install a water pump to bring clean water to the residents of Gramacho.

We are currently halfway to our goal of $6,000USD. We have just finished "Phase One" of installing the water pump. Stay connected on our social media for real time updates.